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My Life Of Agony

Abree Skye
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I am obsessed with music, writing, history, and conversation.

I am 32 years old. Too fucking old.

I have a burning desire for creativity.

I like fucked up shit. :)

I have a husband, Xaspherus Amour. His LJ is below somewhere.

I have a cat, Pogo. I treat him like he is my child. He hates everyone and everything but me. :)

I'm a musician. I'm a writer. I am a crafty person. (constantly making shit)

action figures, alesis, art, asian cinema, batgirl, batman, betty blowtorch, black metal, books, brian keene, brian michael bendis, buffy the vampire slayer, caitlin r kiernan, cannibal corpse, catwoman, charlaine harris, christa faust, collecting, comics, cradle of filth, crafting, danzig, david lynch, david mack, dc comics, death angel, deathstars, depeche mode, dimmu borgir, disney villains, diy, doom, dope, dragoncon, dvds, ebay, fables, faith no more, faster pussycat, filmaking, films, forbidden fruit curiosities, frankenstein drag queens, friday the 13th, gloom cookie, gregg araki, guitar, guitar hero, halloween, hart d. fisher, hellraiser, history, hole, horror, horror comics, horror movies, horror toys, illicit deception, image comics, indulge, inxs, jack ketchum, jack off jill, janes addiction, jason, jason lee, jason mewes, jewelry making, jimmy palmiotti, joe quesada, john waters, johnny depp, jr ward, keith caputo, keri arthur, kevin smith, keyboards, knoxville, knoxville craft mafia, korg, life of agony, living dead dolls, marilyn manson, marvel comics, medication, metal, metal-sludge.com, mike oeming, mma, monster magnet, mortiis, motorhead, murderdolls, mushroomhead, my ruin, newlydeads, nightmare on elm street, nine inch nails, paranormal romance, paths of possession, paul jenkins, pogo tha kat, poppy z brite, porn, porn stars, pornography, powers, preacher, psychotica, raven, reading, rob zombie, rock band, sandman, sewing, silhaven, sirius comics, slave labor graphics, sleeping, soap making, spider jerusalem, spiderman, stephenie meyer, superheroes, system of a down, taime downe, takashi miike, tapout, teen titans, the cure, the dreaming, transmetropolitan, true blood, twilight, twin peaks, type o negative, ufc, urban fantasy, vertigo comics, villains, voltaire, warren ellis, west memphis three, world of warcraft, writing, x-men, xbox, y the last man